Dryer Vent & Specialty Cleaning Services

In addition to servicing chimneys, we inspect and clean dryer vents, clean gutters, and offer specialty cleaning services for fireplaces. Interested in one of our cleaning services? Give us a call today. We're happy to help.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

A thorough sweep by one of our dryer exhaust technicians includes searching for any issues that might interfere with optimal operation. Highly effective diagnostic tools allow us to detect and resolve issues before they become bigger problems.

Gutter Cleaning

While we’re up there, we can quickly and effectively clean your gutters so that water runs away, not into, your home.


Using a drill, rods, and chains (a special rotary cleaning device), we can remove heavy deposits of creosote from the inner walls of the flue where standard metal wire brushes cannot. This cleaning method is more expensive and only recommended if standard cleaning methods fail. The client will be informed if such method is needed as Roto-Cleaning is time-consuming. Roto-Cleaning is needed mainly due to poor burning habits or because of a neglected flue serving a fireplace or a wood burning appliance.

Chemical Cleaning

Occasionally, fireplaces can produce a tar or glaze called third-degree creosote, which is nearly impossible to remove by regular chimney sweeping. Cre-Away is a chemical powder which modifies existing third-degree creosote by changing it to a substance that can be more easily removed by normal chimney sweeping methods. The time it takes to convert depends on many variables such as the type of wood, moisture content, burning habits, air flow, flue size, and the amount of existing buildup. Multiple cleanings and applications may be necessary to completely modify the existing third-degree creosote.

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